8 Reasons to join RE/MAX as agents

1. Brand Power

By becoming a RE/MAX agent, you will be connected to 120,000 agents around the world. Become a part of the world's largest real estate agent network with a global brand.
2. NO.1 Real Estate Transaction in the World

RE/MAX has more than 1.5 million real estate transactions per year, making it the world's NO. 1. It is because RE/MAX agent does a transaction every 30 seconds around the world.
3. Maximum Commission

The RE/MAX Agent does not have any "quotas" that can be seen in the traditional "employment system". The agent can get up to 80% of the brokerage commission by having the agreement with the office owner.
4. Global Referrals

Referral system gives us the chance to do a transaction with agents and clients around the world. You will be able help the customer both inside and outside Japan, and market yourself on an international scale.
5. Personalized Support

RE/MAX provides training programs and support tools that train professionals in real estate businesses, from the basics of real estate. The training system is one of the reasons that RE/MAX continues to lead the real estate industry.
6. Professional Flexibility

At RE/MAX you can handle a variety of properties, such as residential and commercial properties. You can choose depending on your will, needs of your customers and your location. The choice is yours!
7. Awards and Events

Outstanding agents with outstanding results are awarded at a variety of events in Japan and overseas, including the annual Las Vegas Convention, the Asia Pacific Convention, and the Japan Convention. We offer an opportunity for you to be the NO.1!
8. Freedom

With the evolution of an environment in which diverse lifestyles can be realized, such as sidelines and free-lances, RE/MAX provides a platform for people who are entrepreneurs; start up in business, or willing to succeed. The agent determines the time and place to work. Your life. Your business. Your way.

How to become a RE/MAX Agent

1. Direct contact/Participate to a seminar

First, complete the following form and inquire to RE/ MAX JAPAN. The person in charge will contact you at a later date.
Corporate site of RE/MAX JAPAN provides information on various seminars. The seminar provides the details of how RE/MAX works.
※For telephone inquiries, please contact RE/MAX JAPAN (TEL: +81-3-5362-3144).

2. Interviews with RE/MAX JAPAN or Franchisees

For those who wish to engage in specific agent activities, we will introduce you to our franchisees (broker office) that you might take interest in to join.

3. Sign the agent agreement with the broker office

If you get the strengths and characteristics of the broker offices and satisfied with the terms and conditions of the contract, an agent agreement (outsourcing contract) will be signed between you and the broker office.


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