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次の地域の全ての賃貸/売却物件 奈良県, 日本

奈良県, 日本

In Nara prefecture, except for the basin part in the northwestern part, rugged mountains rise. The prefectural area is the eighth narrowest nationwide and the narrowest in the eight inland inland. The prefectural office's location is in Nara City. The population is 1.35 million people. Transportation to Osaka and Kyoto is also well developed as a suburban area of the city, but also blessed with historical cultural heritage such as cultural heritage of ancient Nara which is a World Heritage (world heritage) and Buddhist monuments of Horyuji temple area ing. Among them, Horyuji is the oldest five-storied pagoda of Horyu-ji Temple, the oldest wooden building in the world in the late 7th century, Kanon temple and the middle gate draw a beautiful line with a gentle roof gradient, and it appears in the landscape of the village of Ikaruga. In addition, you can see the deer that is designated as a national natural treasure in Nara Park.